Fashion Faves that you need now

The Summer heat may be coming to an end, but these styles will remain hot! Whether you are going to a black tie event, or laying on your couch, there are a couple items that everybody should have in their wardrobe. Here’s our “must have” list.

1. Diamond stud earrings– They are simple yet elegant, adding a final touch to any outfit. I’ve worn the same pair of diamond studs for the past five years. They go with everything, and will never go out of style.

2. Trend Jewelry– Although trends are changing all the time, you could buy fashionable jewelry at affordable prices leaving a very small dent in your wallet. Take a ring adorned with cubic zirconia for example, you’ll get the look of a diamond ring for a fraction of the price!

3. Initial Necklace- Let’s be real, your name isn’t changing, so you could wear this for the rest of your life. If I could only have one necklace in my entire jewelry collection, it would definitely be a diamond A pendant.

4. Tennis bracelet– Whether you prefer cubic zirconia, gemstone, or diamonds, there are so many options. My personal favorite is a simple diamond bracelet because it has so much luster and can be worn with absolutely anything!

What are your favorite pieces of jewelry? If you could only have one piece of jewelry what would it be? Looking forward to your answers!

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 11.16.31 AM



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