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What to wear: Football Games!

#Football season is just beginning, which means it’s time to focus on game day attire! I know that whenever I go to a football game I almost always struggle with what to wear! Wouldn’t it be perfect to have a go-to outfit for every game? It’s simple! #Denim is extremely in right now. Whether you want to wear high waisted jeans, or a denim jacket, either way you’re off to a great start. Pair a generic football shirt with it and there ya go! Now all you need is some #jewelry, a #hat, and some #sneakers, and you’re game day ready! I paired a martini pendant-necklace with my game day outfit, because I know that I love a cocktail during a #touchdown! I also chose to wear black diamond studs which go great with any day-to-day outfit. What will you wear on game day?!Football Fashion

Black top

Black stud earrings

Glass necklace

Christian dior glasses


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